Health & Safety Protocols

Pure Casinos is ensuring that Table Games open at our casinos safely by:

  • Providing hand sanitizer and reminding patrons to sanitize prior to the start of play

  • Stopping guests from gathering, cheering, shouting or back wagering behind players at the table games
    • Ensuring players stay two metres apart at all betting seats on table games unless:
    • A clear barrier is installed between players/dealers to prevent droplet transmission separating the spaces at the table
  • If a clear barrier is not installed at a gaming table that protects both players and dealers, the maximum number of players per table is two

  • Ensuring all dealers sanitize or wash their hands before their shift starts, before returning to tables after breaks, and in between in any deck or card shoe change

  • Dealers will verbally give breaks instead of “tapping in” and maintain appropriate separation while exchanging positions

  • Stopping patrons from standing close behind seated players

  • Replacing cards regularly

  • Stopping any “cashed out” players from standing next to other tables